"The training we do is meaningless, unless its specifically relatable to the life we live; The 'process' matters just as much as the 'reward.'” - Adam Murphy


Adam Murphy is a High Performance Manager and Head of Strength and Conditioning Coach in the National Basketball League (NBL) for the Adelaide 36ers, in Australia.

Adam’s experience includes working with the 36ers in the NBL as the High Performance Manager since 2016, Private Strength and Conditioning Coach to Australian Boomers players, such as Mitch Creek, Nathan Sobey and Matthew Hodgson and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for three separate South Australian Premier League District Basketball Clubs.

Adam also spent time in America in the NBA Summer League with teams such as the LA Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, San Antonio Spurs and Brooklyn Nets learning and gaining experience from the best in the word.

As a private coach, Adam has trained Australian Golden Gloves Champion in boxing, Australasian Champion Stick Fighter and two time South Australian female Dutschke Medalist in Australian Rules Football.

His studies include Bachelor of Exercise Science Majoring in Sports Science and Flinders University. Adam studied under Paul Check from the CHEK Institute and Charles Poliquin the Strength Sensei.

Adam Murphy Strength and Conditioning has been in business in the private sector since 2010 specialising in improving athletic performance through quality sports specific movements with a high focus on correcting human biomechanics and player longevity.